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In the past as a company, (ETP) funding has been nearly impossible to get. At Nexgen Quality Group, we have done all the hard work for your company. Simple two page form and answer a few questions then we submit for ETP approval. The training or systems implementation your company needs for little or no cost to you.

Contact us today for a free consultation and see if your company qualifies for ETP funded training.



The state of CA (ETP) fund is reserved for incumbent (employed) workers.


The 2023-2024 FYR is looking to provide an approx. $120 million in training funds for CA-based companies.

Since the program started in 1981, the fund has never been depleted.

The State of CA connects with agencies or directly with companies and assigns an annual training budget. Combined with (ETP) funding we have taken all work out of getting funding with a simple step program that we handle for your company.

To coordinate funding for your company, Nexgen will work directly with your company(s), to determine which type of (ETP) contract will work best for your company's needs. We work together with you all the way from design to implementation and administration to make sure you are not only receiving the needed training but support on your funding needs.

The (ETP) fund is a part of the state of CA tax code, meaning the fund is replenished each year from the state payroll tax revenues. Get some of your hard earned tax dollars back to work for you and your company.

ETP fund-able course includes: QMS, Management, Manufacturing, Business Skills, Computer Skills, Continuous Improvement, etc.

Trainees must be full-time employees (>35 hours/week). Trainees must earn a minimum of $23.00 per hour minus the cost of benefits, which generally comes out to $2.50 per hour (example would be an employee making $23.00 Per hour with $2.50 going to benefits, total hourly package comes to $16 so that employee would qualify).

If unionized, a letter of acknowledgment is needed from the shop foreman on union letterhead.

Trainees must remain employed throughout the duration of the training and 90 days after the training is completed.

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